First and foremost I just want to start off with telling the people who are reading this. If you are struggling with any form of a burn out, depression, if you need to feel rested and energized. If you are traumatized or are struggling with dealing with trauma or triggers. I would highly recommend you to come to this place. It is a warm peaceful relaxed atmosphere the moment you enter in the door. You are greeted with a fury little fluffy furbaby friend. With birds singing in the background. If you are a animal lover this is a great place. Chickens in the backyard. Finches in the side sitting room which sound heavenly to me. A fluffy white little dog greeting you and looking at you with eyes giving you a sense of assurance that everything will be okay. The room that I was staying in was super comfortable and everything was set up to make you feel welcomed safe and secure. Your name written on a chalk board on the doof to welcome you. The smallest details like chocolates in a basket with some fruit and pamphlets. A lovely sitting area where you can read or just sit and be in silence. I dont know what it is about holland . But bathtubs arent common thing. But here they have antique beautiful bathtub and a television in the same room. Now I dont know about you. But that was super special. You could relax in a bubble bath and watch a movie for hours. I could have lived in that bathtub. The food that I ate was just as heavenly. It was cooked and made with lots of love and lots of thought. I completely felt feed my body and my soul. Compliments to the chef(s) if you didnt feel up to eating downstairs and wanted to be alone. You also had the opportunity to have it brought dining table upstairs.
The location is also absolutely stunning. The location is surrounded by farm land. Horses across the way. Which are majestic creatures. I had come their with a family member. We even where shown around a part of Tholen where our guide told us the history and was a walking encyclopedia. I learned so much about the people and the community and the way they built the houses. Really impressive. The night times where the best times. Talking and connecting with eachother is what this world needs and certainly not this 1 and half meter afstand waanzin. People need to be seen and heard and comforted. But that's getting off topic. I came for connection ,comfort, and healing. Without going into to much detail. I came tiered and empty. I left refreshed and full, feeling loved and cherished.
I reccomend this to everyone. I believe it is important and vital to allow yourself to come to such a place of safety and warmth. You deserve it.